The team you manage is functioning below par. The clashing characters of some ensure that team members withdraw to islands. The lack of acceptance and the subcutaneous tensions do not improve safety in the team. Meanwhile, the team slowly wanders off from the set goals and agreements are taken less and less closely.

You know that vulnerability and connection are the ingredients to increase safety. That is why you want to gain insight into the patterns of you and the others so that clarity arises about the blockages in the cooperation. As a manager, you want to make autonomous choices and to reflect and challenge the team to take experiments and take risks. From a bed of transparency and trust, your team is successfully moving again.

Team ScanCoaching Program

The Team ScanCoaching Program ensures that your team makes a valuable contribution to the organization's objectives. To get there you have to expose and discuss with the team members the undercurrent of unconscious, uncontested views and motives. This step towards openness and trust gives team members the opportunity to share their personal opinions, wisdoms and uncertainties. The differences are thus examined and manageable. The individual and team development is also stimulated. You grow as a leader because you are able to make conflicts in teams productive. You also facilitate the design and expression of the inspiration of your team members. This movement unlocks and connects the potential within the team and ensures a change with lasting results and a renewed team spirit.

A program of individual QuickScans per team member and a team session of one or two half-days.