You have doubts about the effectiveness of coaching your top talents.

You wonder if your talent development team has objective information available to develop talents. And why development pathways take so long with the chance that rising stars will leave.

Or maybe you’re despondent of all those failed attempts to bring down work stress and burnout. Especially when you calculate what spanned employees cost your organization; In money but also in increased workload for the other employees.

As an employer, would you not want to increase the welfare of your employees? That you work with a company that works in an effective and objective way and uses a tool that accurately identifies the wellbeing of your employees. Which makes it clear how to get them to excel and add more value. or with which you understand how they are worn out so that you can reduce stress and sickness absenteeism and increase work pleasure.

ScanCoaching measures the state of mind of a coachee and analyses this data so that the psycho-emotional patterns of this person are exposed. From these data an integral story is built and the source of the ineffective behavior becomes obsolete. This gives you a quick insight into the cause of someone’s imbalance, you observe which development puts an employee in his or her strength, an employee finally sees what gives him passion or grows the awareness about the calling of a person. This creates an intense awareness process for the employee. It’s often the start of transformation and permanent change.

The professional is central to us and at the same time we also see what the interests of the employer are. You want to limit the costs as much as possible and create a sustainable result. Without compromising the development or rehabilitation of your employee. In the last decade ScanCoaching has built up a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise. We have been able to guide hundreds of people. Our approach is objective, fast, thorough and extremely effective and scientifically substantiated.