Do you want to keep looking for the solution or get started right away because ScanCoaching gives you the answers?

With advanced technology, ScanCoaching measures the energy and memory of your body cells and exposes your psycho-emotional patterns.

Our starting point is that body and mind are a unity and that every cell in the body has its own vibration and thus its own story. By scanning these vibrations, we can objectively and quickly determine the state of mind of your body. The scan also retrieves the origin that is the basis of this. After the measurement, a certified ScanCoach returns the results in clear and concrete language. This gives you a direct view of what’s currently playing with you, where your potential is and what you’re blocking. After that, a number of scan sessions will be followed and we support you to become more aware of new behavior. You can only change yourself but we help you to find the most efficient approach effectively. One that is literally written on your body.

At ScanCoaching, it keeps the tubs and grinds and allows you to stop searching for answers and other routes. ScanCoaching is profound, objective, clear, fast and incredibly effective!

The process

During the ScanCoaching sessions we are of course for you so that you can be there again for yourself. We provide a solid bedding so that you can engage in your awareness process. Looking at the source of your compensation behavior gives clarification but can also appeal to your ability to cope with loss. There is a chance that you have identified yourself with a ‘colored’ story that can suddenly be refilled. This asks to be open to the unknown from amazement; Both for what has been fulfilled and for what has brought disappointment. This makes the unconscious conscious and increases your playing field with options. Eventually you live more from freedom and you connect with what is truly important to you.

The course of a session

At the beginning of the session, the ScanCoach® places the same-minded head phone on your head as you sit quietly on your chair. Then the scan starts, which you can follow on the display. You will see energy values, curves of your relevant physiological functions and organs passing through such as brains, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, nervous system, to cells and chromosomes. This data is also the starting point for further analysis to build your integral story.