– Marko van der Beek, Msc – Owner and Founder ScanCoaching

My background is Computer Science at the Technical University of Delft. During my time in Delft I felt the need to guide people and help them in their process of personal development. To achieve that, I retrained myself as a Naturopath (natural health practitioner.

The NLS-Essence technology crossed my path in 2006; I fell in love with it and bought one of the first copies in the Netherlands. There was no one who could tell me how this ‘machine’ operated. That was the start of an adventure book. I traveled all over the world to find the makers and creators and learned a lot from their expertise. That’s where ScanCoaching started.

In 2010 I established ScanCoaching Nederland BV and developed the ScanCoaching method, wrote the training for coaches and devised protocols for the business market. Due to my strength of pattern recognition, ScanCoaching became a powerful tool, unique in its kind.

In the meantime more than 35 people have been trained in the methodology and the philosophy of ScanCoaching and we are growing towards a reliable organization. The results speak for themselves ..